Wednesday, August 13, 2003


Well friends, our suffering is nearly over. As you can see, football season has arrived (aren't the tickets beautiful?)! It got me thinking about sports and food.

Baseball and food go hand in hand; games are a continuous chow-fest of cuisines of all kinds, from hot dogs to sushi. Heck, the only reason ladygoat ever got into baseball was the roaming hot dog vendor, who yells "Hotttt Doggggggggggg!" and brings a hot dog right to your seat. So I have food to thank for bringing her to a classic American past time.

The only real food in football, on the other hand, comes before the game, at brat & burger tailgating parties.

Could it be that football is just so darn exciting that no one wants to spend a minute away from the action? Or is it that the games are played in below freezing weather?

So how to get ladygoat to like my favorite sport of all time? Football games lack the culinary possibilities of baseball. Now that I think about it, the only food I got at a foodball game was beer or hot chocolate. Granted, that hot chocolate tasted like a million bucks (considering the temperature was in the single digits), but if it's that cold, all the hot chocolate in the world won't help. Hence my problem with football & food: if the games don't revolve around food as in baseball, how to get ladygoat to go to a game?

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