Monday, September 8, 2003

My favorite food host

It was only a matter of time before someone made a drinking game out of Rachael Ray, silly, giddy, and entertaining Food Network host of "$40 a Day" and "30-Minute Meals." I often think that Rachael Ray has been nipping at the cooking wine herself.

It would be a short trip to drunkenness anyway if all the game consisted of was taking shots when she says "Yum!", "How cool is that?", or "That rawks!" Quicken the pace by drinking every time she mentions EVOO. If you throw in a drink every time she giggles, you'd be done for by the first commercial break.

I think she's the one who is having a bad influence on my family. I've heard that they (who have always been just shy of being teetotalers) have been drinking beer with dinner lately. Very weird. If they start saying "Beer is delicious" I'm officially reporting an alien abduction.

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