Thursday, February 26, 2004

If it's Fillet O'Fish, it must be a Holy Day
Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, so I got through the fasting period by wondering whether Jesus every mooned anyone. I bet he did. All the time. Wearing that dress and all.

I had picked up two tilapia fillets at the West Side Market, which I've never had before, but have always wanted to try because it's one of the few seafoods that is in fact ecologically-friendly. Why? Most tilapia (which are native to the Nile) in the U.S. are farmed in inland recirculating systems that have little impact on the environment and thrive on inexpensive vegetable-based foods (instead of fish feed), making them a good source of eco-friendly protein.

Foodgoat, whose Iron-Chef-like abilities to invent recipes on the spot have been quite impressive lately, whipped up a fancy version of Fillet O'Fish: tilapia fillet fried with a crust of fresh whole wheat bread crumbs and parsley with roasted red onions and a sauce (made of mayo, olive oil, green onions, mustard, hot sauce, lemon, and garlic) on onion rolls. With a side of wasabi shrimp chips.

The crust was wonderful (it was Foodgoat's first time using fresh bread crumbs), but it was the tilapia that was perfect: mild-tasting and flaky and delicious. Foodgoat has had fried fish before, but this was one good fried fish. We may be having a lot of tilapia this Lent.

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