Wednesday, March 17, 2004

All that Irish For

All that Irish for
St. Patrick's Day isn't a big thing around Foodgoat. I'm not into holidays that encourage physical abuse just because you wore the wrong shirt. Nor am I into binge drinking, or co-opting an ethnic identity in order to justify it. Not to mention that Foodgoat retains some residual animosity towards certain schoolyard bullies, coincidentally all Irish-American.

However, I will take this opportunity to introduce you to Dubliner Irish cheese. I picked up a big block of it at Costco because I thought it was cheddar, but it's not. In fact, it tastes like something of a cross between cheddar and Parmesan. It's a new cheese, I think only made by this one company, but I'm not sure (I'm even more clueless about cheeses than I am about wine, even though I love cheese). Along with Hungarian paprika, it really made the mac & cheese extraordinary.

I will also note that I've always wanted to go to Nighttown, the Irish restaurant down the street, not because I have a yen for Irish food. I don't even like corned beef ... unless it comes out of a can. (Once, Foodgoat made a dish for me and my siblings, out of canned corn beef and cabbage, just to show us how nasty the canned stuff could be. But it didn't work, because we like it. We like mashed potatoes from a box too. Take that, Foodgoat!).

No, the cool thing about the restaurant is that it tributes Joyce's Ulysses. I was English major, okay, and I'm dorky about things like that. But first I actually have to get around to reading the damn thing. At 783 pages, don't hold your breath waiting for my post about it.

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