Monday, March 15, 2004


Perhaps you are wondering, "Whatever happened with the chocolate truffles Foodgoat was selling a while back?" For a while it looked good: we made an extra big batch of espresso truffles, experimented with a new chili truffle flavor, and I began to have idle daydreams of licking melted chocolate off my fingers all day long.

Well, it turns out that Foodgoat does not have the killer business instinct. He doesn't have the heart to charge his friends money for the chocolates he made for them. They're made with love, after all.

But now his band, the Firmary, has a really big show coming up May 18 at the glorious Agora Theater, where Foodgoat (AKA Icewater) has dreamed of playing since he strummed his first chord. The Firmary is opening for Orgy and Godhead, two national acts.

So, they need to sell tickets. Lots of tickets. This is their chance for the big time, folks!

What does this have to do with the chocolate? Foodgoat may not be able to sell the truffles, but he'll give them away! Buy a ticket from the Firmary show now, and you'll not only get a great night of music and Foodgoat's sincere gratitude, but also some of Foodgoat's yummy chocolate truffles as well!!!

Tickets for the May 18 show are $15 if you buy them directly from the Firmary ($10 off the Ticketmaster price, I might add), and if you are in the Cleveland area, we'll bring them, along with some fine chocolate truffles, right to your door. Espresso truffles. With a chocolate-covered espresso bean on top. I defy you to turn down a deal like that.

Email Foodgoat at (or contact the singer Doug at or 216-376-0238 ... mention you're a Foodgoat reader).

Hurry though, because as I type the truffles are sitting in my freezer. And they're calling my name. Laaadygoat ....

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