Tuesday, March 2, 2004

The First Vegetable Voted Off the Island!

One of these days, I will host an Incredibly Shrinking Dinner.

I will serve baby carrots, those tiny corn things they have in salad bars, and the bitty dried fishies. And sandwiches made from those very small, very square loaves of bread in the deli section. Quail eggs. Sword fights with those little plastic swords you are supposed to use for hors d'whatever. Cocktails poured from airplane liquor bottles.

This will likely be the only time I will buy brussel sprouts again, which look exactly like very tiny cabbages. Trying new vegetables has been successful of late (i.e. beets and Swiss chard), so I had high hopes for brussel sprouts, which I've never had before.

I always think simple recipes are best for fresh foods, so I just boiled them, then sauteed them in a little butter and olive oil, with salt and pepper.

Maybe I didn't prepare them in just the right way, because I didn't like them. No wonder kids hate them. The outsides were okay, just like cabbage really, but they had this bitter thing going in the middle. Very plant-ish. Even with the butter, I wasn't too happy.

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