Thursday, March 25, 2004

Goats Gorge on Gingerbread Houses

Goats Gorge on Gingerbread Houses

Thursdays are always my blogging downfalls. Today, instead of another witty episode in our lives (I'd only babble on about mortgages and interest rates and lender fees, so trust me, I'm doing you a favor), I share with you someone else's fascinating adventure:

Yes ... Goats enjoying a nice snack of gingerbread house.

You see, it was once someone's dream to build a gingerbread house and see it consumed by a hoard of hungry goats. You believe I jest, but I swear to you, this tale is a true one. And they have more pictures to prove it.

I'm thinking the new house should be christened "Goat House" or "Goat Hill". Do you think they allow pet goats in South Euclid?

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