Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Memories of Apple Pie

Memories of Apple Pie
Today at McDonald's for lunch, just as the girl was about to ring up the final order, I threw caution into the wind and said, "Er, can I get an apple pie too?"

"Two for a dollah?" Two?

"Ummm, sure." I looked at Foodgoat. Foodgoat looked at me. I could contain myself no longer and flung my hands in the air. "YAY! YAY! APPLE PIE!!!"

That is today's story of how I got laughed at by the McDonald's cashier.

I haven't had the pies in years, but they seem to be ... smaller than they used to be. Didn't they used to fill out the box? And wasn't the box have more like a curved envelope? And wasn't the box green instead of red? And didn't the crispy crust have more air bubbles? Like it had some kind of apple pie plague?

Ah yes, but I do remember the rather pathetic number of actual pie chunks collecting on one end.

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  1. Anonymous12:51 PM

    Yeah, the applie pies at McDonalds over in the US suck now. I grew up with the crispy one, with the curved envelope, and now these cinnamon monstrosities have invaded, and I hate them. They're either overcooked, undercooked, and ALWAYS broken. I hate em. From what I understand, they still serve the older (crispy) types outside of the US