Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Tea that goes BOOM!

Tea that goes BOOM!
I was a little disappointed to find out that the gunpowder tea was just green tea that had been tightly rolled into tiny balls. It just looks like gunpowder. I guess I was expecting more along the lines of Pop Rocks.

It's actually considered one of the highest grade of green tea, and while it is generally from China, gunpowder is the favorite green tea of Morocco and the Middle East. There, it is commonly prepared with mint and plenty of sugar. The gunpowder tea is often mixed with peppermint leaves to create a unique blend called Moroccan Mint. I see why: I thought the gunpowder tea was pretty sharp-tasting, considering that it's green tea, but Moroccan Mint is a great favorite of mine, and much more pleasant. Local custom dictates that it be served by men, and be poured in such a way as to create a sizeable foam atop one's glass. I leave it to any Freudians out there to make sense out of that, as unfortunately, I don't know exactly what that special way is.

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