Monday, March 8, 2004

Visiting Cadiz, OH

Benefit #1: Getting a slice of Foodgoat's brother's made-from-scratch, good-to-the-last-moist-crumb layered chocolate cake with frosting. Yum!

Benefit #2: Getting to lick the spoon. Hey, after a hard day running away from monsters, playing video games, interrupting parents while they wallpaper the living room, climbing furniture, and zealously exercising newly-improved conversational skills, somebody has to.

Benefit #3: Designating Foodgoat's nephew and godson as his gastonomical heir as well, henceforth to be known as "Babygoat". His omniverous tastes were already legendary, but his status was confirmed when this 1-year old cheerfully ate not just one, but two, wasabi-flavored shrimp chips. And he would have eaten more, too, if he had had his way.

Benefit #4: Driving by the exact same restaurant where a woman found a finger in her salad. Okay, so it's a very minor benefit. But I am easily amused.

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