Thursday, July 1, 2004


And now for something completely un-controversial ...

You know what else you can grill? Bananas.

This method was taught to me by an old Native American medicine man out in the far reaches of the Northeast (actually it was a hippie camp counselor at a college whitewater trip by the Salmon River, but whatever).

Slice through the banana vertically, but not all the way through to the other side. Stuff it with pieces of chocolate (and marshmallows, if you like that sort of thing). Wrap it in foil and put it on the grill.

After it's been sufficiently grilled, un-wrap and observe the goodness that is a banana boat.

Scoop the banana innards and the chocolatey juice and plop it on top of ice cream. We tried it on Breyer's Mocha Almond Fudge. Dive in and don't hold back. Cold, chocolate ice cream along with hot chocolate banana-mush adds up to one of those weird sensory experiences, but that's not a bad thing at all.

But that's not all folks! Oh no. Because we only get Breyer's ice cream when it's Buy 1, Get 1 Free. So the other flavor we got was Banana Fudge Chunk, "natural banana ice cream with fudge swirls and soft fudge chunks." I give it a definitive thumbs up. Did it really take this long for banana ice cream to make the ranks?


  1. this looks really delicious to me. I used to eat fried banana with oil and sugar and it used to be very healthy breakfast. This recipe looks yum, would definitely give it a try.

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