Monday, January 10, 2005

Home on the range

Some women want diamonds for Christmas. I wanted a Dutch oven.

It's a massive, 12-inch Lodge cast iron camp Dutch oven. The lid not only has a helpful lip in order to hold hot coals but could be used as a bulletproof shield in case Canada gets grabby and tries to annex Cleveland. (Come to think of it, would that be such a terrible thing?)
We still haven't geared up the fortitude to barbeque in the snow, but we did use the oven inside the kitchen to make a bison stew. Foodgoat browned cubes of bison meat in olive oil and chopped carrots, added leftover French onion soup, celery, and a bottle (minus a swig or two) of his favorite beer, and heaved the whole thing into the oven. An hour later, a hot, filling, dinner, and a sudden urge to play Oregon Trail. The meat was a wee bit dense but it's a buffalo, after all. This ain't no angel food cake.

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