Saturday, July 23, 2005

Something always seems to preempt the Cleveland blogger meetups, but I still want to play.

So, the local blogs I don't go two days without reading ... via bloglines of course(which is the blogroll on the left) ... No feed, no read, that's what I say:

Brewed Fresh Daily
Red Wheelbarrow
bald rhetoric
Five Dollar Beer

And in other news ....
-design sponge points us to the strangely unamusing coffee mugs in which the bill of rights disappear
-The Pragmatic Chef wants to try the a new White Castle burger and so do I
-Useful: How to tell good fish from bad
-Not so useful: How to make a gigantic Gummi Bear
-Jimmies? They're sprinkles! SPRINKLES!
-Chubby Hubby finds a new audience for turducken
-The Morning News goes on a rampage over culinary pet peeves

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