Saturday, January 7, 2006

What I Learned from New Year's Eve 2005

What's New Year's Eve without a plastic champagne glass filled with something fizzy? Plain old Dec. 31st. So I picked up some Freixenet Brut (already chilled! and only $6.99!) and some sparkling cider and got ready to toast 2006.

I've had Freixenet before, and I thought I remembered it being okay. Apparently memory deceives me, because that cheap stuff tasted, well, not so good. Downright crappy, in fact. Not even diluting it with generic 7-Up, which rescued a blah Zinfadel earlier in the night, made it any more palatable. We ended up dumping the stuff and guzzling the good old reliable sparkling cider.

The lesson is that really cheap champagne usually tastes like really cheap champagne. Spring for the good stuff!

The second thing I learned from New Year's Eve 2005: Hilary Duff's songs are kind of lame.

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