Monday, May 1, 2006

Hungry at 3 am in Cleveland and Nowhere to Go

One mark of an Interesting City is being able to find someplace to eat at 3 am. And Denny's doesn't count, because I'd like to leave my Denny's days back where I left scrunchies and beer from plastic cups. And in this regard, Cleveland is lacking. Where are the all-night restaurants? Where do the Interesting People eat in the wee hours of the morning?

I don't even know where the Uninteresting People eat after 10 pm.

The only places I could think of to go to under cover of darkness are Amy Joy Donuts and Giant Eagle supermarket. Not that there's anything wrong with donuts.

It seems like other people have had similarly poor luck finding alternatives -- Tim Ferris' list comes down to ...

• Steve's Kitchen Cleveland
• Common Grounds Cleveland
• Dianna's Deli & Restaurant Lakewood
• Dimitri's Cleveland
• Michaels Family Restaurant Rocky River
• My Friends Deli Cleveland
• New Best Steak and Gyro House Cleveland
• Rapid Stop Cleveland
• Shobbeez Carry-Out Kitchen Bedford
• Shobbeez Carry-Out Kitchen Maple Heights

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