Wednesday, October 17, 2007

West Coast/North coast Beer Matchup

The Browns and the 49ers don't play until the last game of the season, but San Francisco and Cleveland recently went head-to-head in a Foodgoat Beer Battle, pitting the Anchor Liberty Ale vs. the Great Lakes Brewing Company Dortmunder Gold.

The Dortmunder Gold, which Foodgoat considers the best of the Great Lakes beers and his beer of choice at the moment (especially when the Cleveland teams are playing) is a smooth lager with "more body and less hops than a Pilsner, and less malt and more hops than a Munich style lager."

Against it we tried
the Anchor Liberty Ale, (first brewed in 1975 to commemorate Paul Revere's ride). Anchor describes this beer as "a heavily hopped ale (Cascade hops) with a copper color and a hoppy nose."

How would the West Coast ale hold up to the North Coast lager?

Oddly enough, they taste almost exactly the same. Foodgoat took a swig of the Liberty Ale and thought for a minute that he had the Dortmunder.

It's downright spooky. They're like long lost beer twins.


  1. Mmm, beer. The cause of and solutio to all of life's problems :)

  2. West coast, east coast, north coast, south coast - who cares as long as it's beer! I went over to my friends for game night and we were all to bring some snack. To bypass the traditional chips and dip I made these Spinach-Cheese Triangles and they were so good with beer. I mean really really good. Check out the recipe, I got it at What's your favorite snack with beer?

  3. Anonymous11:48 AM

    I'm in Portland for the first time and all I can say is... there's some serious beer here.


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  4. I'm not a big fan of the Great Lakes Brews. I do love the Rocky River Brewing Company though.

    It's well worth the trip out there. Maybe couple it w/ a necessary trip to Great Northern or Crocker Park, & stop by there on the way back home.