Friday, November 14, 2008

Kitchen Renovation

What makes the kitchen a happier place? New countertops!

After four long years living with the ugly, worn down yellow boomerang formica laminate countertops that probably date back to the 50's or 60's , we finally upgraded to black granite countertops and a big, deep new sink. It makes a world of difference, even making the cabinets look a lot better. It's easy to take care of, and it's pretty too.

Of course, now the floor looks even worse.
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  1. It is funny how colors changed over the years. The new ones in the below picture look great.

  2. Love the new countertop! I know what you mean about it making the floor look bad. We just did our entire kitchen and now the rest of the house looks shabby. But we loooooove our new kitchen.

  3. Blaine6:37 PM

    The only disappointing feature of the floor is the empty sixer of Great Lakes.

  4. Haha Blaine: fear not that's only where I keep my empties. I always have a 12 pack of Great Lake's Dort in the fridge (my offical beer of choice).

    You get bonus points for having a keen eye :)

  5. We have that yellow boomerang formica countertop in our rental kitchen...and I'm trying to embrace it, but am not really sure how. 'Considering painting the bottom cabinets yellow to match. Ergh.