Monday, February 1, 2010

Favorite Technique of 2010: Bronco Billying

(Yes, it has been a long time since I blogged ... instead, I have been catching up on all five previous seasons of Lost, trying to live with a laptop that has a busted keyboard except for the "f" and the "9", pleading with GoatSpawn who is sick with bad head cold to please please pretty please eat something, and then being sick myself.)

bronco billy

A verb, To broil oils or fats to tasty heaven.  

As in, "Foodgoat declared, 'it's time to bronco billy this thing!" as he shoved the pizza into the hot broiler."

The last time we were in California visiting my family, Foodgoat picked up a pizza at a nearby neighborhood pizza place at the recommendation of my brother.  Walking in, Foodgoat knew right away that he liked it.  It wasn't a bland chain, it wasn't a run of the mill, ordinary pizza restaurant.  Bronco Billy's Pizza Parlor had character.

What really got Foodgoat's attention, however, was the pizza.  We found that the pizza was slightly burnt on the top - it was crisp and a little blackened, enough to curl the edge of the pepperoni and to give the cheese a bit of crustiness.  And it was ... soooo delicious. 

Since then, Foodgoat has been employing this technique of finishing off a dish with a few minutes in the hot broiler to give it a bit of burn on top with huge success.  It's particularly wonderful with dishes with cheese - pizza, both deep dish and pan pizza, have been especially good, as was the cauliflower gratin.  The extra high heat makes the cheese caramelize, and bits of burned cheese is bits of yumminess, let me tell you.

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