Friday, October 26, 2012

Pretty Refrigerators

I had no idea that West Elm had kitchen stuf...

Wait, is that a Smeg refridgerator?  In ten different colors?
I like the red one!

No wait!  I like the orange one!

 Let me check the dimensions ... in pink!
OMG, it's adorable!

It's tiny!  57 inches tall! 

It's like the Vespa of refrigerators.  

So not practical for a family though.  Not like this fridge, by the :

This one is by Meneghini, an Italian company, and starts at ... I have no idea, and it doesn't matter, because this is a fridge that's out of my league.

Nice, though, isn't it?


  1. Those refrigerators are truly pretty! My grandpa had a huge fridge like that in the last picture, but it stopped working for three days. We almost thought he was gonna throw it away, good thing he called the appliance repair services!

    I think I want a purple Smeg fridge inside my purple room!

  2. Those Smeg fridges are the kind that conserves energy. I would say, it styles your home and at the same time, helps you with energy conservation!

  3. If I were to choose between the fridges, I’d choose the last one; for the main reason that it’s more practical for me. I just hope this kind of fridge also conserves energy consumption.

  4. I'd take both, actually. I'm thinking the Smeg fridge can be a one-upped bedroom chiller (like the ones in hotels, only slightly bigger). The behemoth fridge, on the other hand, is definitely going to hoard some kitchen space.

  5. I wish they'd made those fridges a bit cheaper. I'd really love to have the big cabinet-like one at home.

  6. I'm sticking with the Smeg on this one. I don't think I could find enough use for that oversize fridge, even if I stuff all the food we need for a month. Besides, I think the Smeg will be more efficient on the budget.

  7. What a wonderful type of fridge it's so colorful. I want to have the color blue for my house someday. :)

  8. The one caught my attention was the red refrigerator, at the first look you will think it is cabinet but when you scroll up a large fridge. Amazing.


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