Thursday, August 15, 2013

Today's Groupon is a Failgate

Today's Groupon email started off promisingly enough, and appropriate since I was planning a night home watching the Cleveland Browns preseason game ...

 oooh, a patio oven!

But then came this:

Which I don't even understand.  You put your beer in a plastic cup that looks like an upside down beer bottle? 

And it's for girls night out why?

And then there was this:

At first I thought this was aimed towards women too, which is kind of offensive.  Even though I can't exactly remember what the wildcat formation is, or recognize the prevent defense when I see it. 

Anyway, it turns out this course is more for understanding football for work and networking situations.  Which is not a bad reason.  But the website for the course did make me laugh:

When they explain that it's a video course:

When you have to ask yourself if this course is for you:
When they describe what you'll learn:

 I'll stick with the oven ... actually, wait, can't you just make a pizza on any old grill?  One that doesn't cost $350?  And can cook other things too?

No Groupon purchases today.

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