Sunday, September 1, 2013

How Kids Eat Lucky Charms

I realize now that sometimes you just shouldn't ask kids for their opinion.  For example, "What cereal do you want?" is a poorly constructed question.  Because the answer I got was "This one!  It has RAINBOWS!!"
I love sweet cereal but Lucky Charms has always seemed completely unappealing because marshmallows should not be shaped and colored to look like anything.  Marshmallows exists only to be melted with butter and used to bind Rice Krispies together.  Oh, and that Lucky Charms leprechaun guy was super annoying in the commercials.  But having offered to get them the cereal of their choice, I was bound to the Lucky Charms.

And here is what happened:

They ate ONLY the fake colored marshmallow rainbows.  The part that actually looked like cereal is the part they left behind.

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