Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Berry Flavored Oreos: A Range of Reactions

We bought Berry Flavored Oreos.

Here are the responses:

  • Child 1 (the one who picked it out):  Gagged immediately and refused to take another bite.
  • Adult 1: Thought it tasted just okay.  Ate one more.  And then another.  By which time it did not taste fine, at all.
  • Adult 2: Thought it tasted better than expected.  Knew enough to not eat any more.
  • Child 2: Said it was yummy and kept eating them until I had to put the package away and distract her with My Little Pony videos.


  1. I love Berry Flavored Oreos.Looks yummy I want too.In our store limited amount of Oreos are available.

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