Thursday, April 23, 2015

Garbage Plate

I found this photo of a garbage plate in my Blogger drafts dated early 2013, so it's been about two years since Foodgoat has made a garbage plate.

I think it's a kid-friendly meal.  There's pasta.  There's melted cheese.  I think it could be a win with the Goatlings.

The older Goatling probably had it before, and I have no recollection if she liked it or not, though that may not stop from addressing any reluctance to try the Garbage Plate with the (oft-used) phrase, "You had it before!  And you liked it!  Really!"  Though the kids never seem to believe me when I tell them they USED to like it, and it doesn't seem to make any impact on whether they like it NOW.

But, I like it, I've always liked it, and I'm confidant I'll like it again, so let's make it!


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