The Carrot-eating Toddler

Unlike other kids, Princess Goat has never minded eating her vegetables. I’ve never felt like I had to sneak them into muffins, or grind them up into the pasta sauce, or bribe her into eating peas. Sure, she didn’t want to try the artichoke, but let’s face it, artichokes do look weird, and on retrospect, perhaps they were undercooked. And she doesn’t like salad. But generally, put some vegetables, in front of her and she’s usually game to at least trying them.

And then there was the day she ate so many carrots she said she got a tummy ache. Granted, it was only four carrots, but that’s kind of a lot when you’re three feet tall. But those carrots, fresh from the farm with the tops still attached, were in fact, pretty good – sweet, crunchy and fun. And when we got another bunch of carrots in our CSA again this week, she was excited to have more.