Dumplings and Broccoli and … Cheetos


I don’t think there’s enough beer in the world to inspire the use of Cheetos in his cooking.

Nope, the inspiration for this came out of the 2010 Saveur 100 issue, the Chef’s Edition.

In that issue, Chef Craig Koketsu of New York City’s Park Avenue Winter provided his recipe for Broccoli and Cheetos.

Apparently foodies in New York will pay for anything.

Anyway, it’s basically steamed broccoli with a cheese sauce, topped with crushed Cheetos.

Foodgoat’s version had a cheddar sauce (instead of a mostly Gouda sauce) and joined it with bacon dumplings.

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure that Cheetos will become a staple of the Foodgoat kitchen any time soon. They weren’t bad on broccoli, but I’m not they added much except a crunchy texture and a sense of culinary slumming.

It makes a nice photo, though, doesn’t it?