Egg Butter, or Finnish Munavoi

There was a time when we would have done anything to get more calories, any calories, into the Princess Goat. This was when she developed a taste for Coke, chocolate-covered raisins, and lollipops.

That’s why, in keeping with that goal, I thought it would be a great idea to make egg butter.

Egg butter (aka munavoi) is a dish made in Finland, especially in the region of Karelia (which is right next to Russia). It’s a popular spread made of eggs and butter (duh) that traditionally goes on top of Karelian pies, but also on top of breads. It seemed appropriately fatty and caloric.

It’s so easy to make it hardly warrants description. Two hard-boiled eggs. Two tablespoons of melted butter. Smoosh into a spreadable consistency.

We use eggs and butter a lot, even together, but for some reason just eggs and butter alone on bread seems kind of … weird. Foodgoat refused to even try it. Princess Goat ate it as a sandwich, but wasn’t particularly impressed and seems to prefer a plain hard-boiled egg.