Is Food Spoilage covered by my Florida Home insurance?

Do you own a few big refrigerators full of food? One major concern with that is a power failure. If you do not own a generator, then your food may be at risk. So if you were to lose power, would your spoiled food be covered by your Florida home insurance?

This certain situation is generally covered. Usually the deductible for this quite low. For some policies, there can be no deductible. For the most part, food spoilage coverage is typically around $500.

Do not hesitate to make a food spoilage claim according to Most insurers will never discontinue your coverage or raise your premiums due to a claim for spoilage. Be sure to take photos of the contents in your fridge and freezer before throwing out any food.

Be sure to understand what your Florida home insurance policy does and does not cover. Especially when it comes to spoiled food. For example, the cause of the power outage will affect if you are covered or not. Most of the time you will be reimbursed for your spoiled food if its a result of a covered risk. However, if you caused your power outage by a DIY project or anything of that nature, then you would not be covered.

Some providers will be able to offer coverage to you if just your home loses power while others will not consider coverage unless the whole neighborhood loses power. Your agent will be able to help you understand your policy better. It’s important that you take pictures of your spoiled food. In addition, some higher priced foods may require a receipt.

Your home insurance in Florida limits will apply according to So if you have around $700 worth of spoiled food then your policy may only cover around $500 dollars. Your limits and deductibles will vary.

Covered perils?

Covered perils in your policy are also important to note. Covered perils will determine if your spoiled food is covered or not. These perils consist of:

  • Fire and Smoke
  • Lightning Strikes
  • Windstorms and Hail
  • Explosions
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Fallen Objects
  • Water Damage

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